Do you notice black streaks on your gutters? Gutters and fascia boards can look worse in comparison to your freshly cleaned house? Even after a proper house pressure washing those ugly black streaks on gutters, commonly called ‘tiger strips’ diminish your home’s curb appeal. You might think the gutters were not touched in the process of cleaning. Unfortunately, the black streaks are a result of electrostatic bonding. Tar, asphalt, and debris from the roof wash down and discolor the aluminum metal gutters. Simple pressure washing will not remove these black streaks.

Removing Black Streaks on Gutters by Hand

But we offer good news! We clean the gutters by hand, using a ladder and brush with our proprietary solution. This particular solution removes the chemically bonded molecules and eliminates the black stains during added services to our roof and gutter cleaning. Afterward, the dirty, black gutters practically look like new. Will this cleaning last? Unfortunately, there is no way to stop natural chemical reactions from occurring permanently, so you will see a gradual appearance of the black streaks again over the next 1 to 2 years. When they become noticeable again, call ProClean Roof Cleaning for gutter washing.

To learn more about our roof cleaning services for removing black stains on gutters or moss, mold, or mildew removal on roofs, give us a call. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote. We serve Hendersonville and Transylvania counties in Western North Carolina.