Many people buy vacation rentals in Western North Carolina. Upon purchase, it may be hard to find a qualified roof cleaner to take care of an essential asset of your vacation home–the roof! As certified roof cleaning specialists, we reached all the hard-to-get areas. This vacation home has ironwood decking, which is a dense wood. Extra care is in demand when cleaning this type of wood to safeguard against leaving marks and streaks on the wood. The north side of this vacation rental was coated with mold, mildew, and algae on the decks and the roof. The north side doesn’t get as much sun. Therefore, you will often see algae and mold on the north side of your home.  As a result of hours of specialized cleaning, this roof looks brand new. And for these homeowners, it makes it an inviting retreat for a vacation get-away. If you are out of town and don’t know who to call for your roof cleaning, exterior home cleaning, deck, and driveway cleaning, contact us to give you a free quote to make your vacation home more inviting to guests.

mold and streaks on roof in Sapphire Valley    roof cleaning in Sapphire Valley by ProClean Roof Cleaning