Have you ever had your insurance canceled because of the lack of maintenance to your home? Roof moss can be an unsuspecting culprit to lead your agent to send a cancellation notification. Roof moss removal can prevent your insurance agent from sending that dreaded letter and bonus, keep your shingle warranty intact.

We were recently contacted by a previous customer regarding their families summer cottage. The insurance company had notified them that unless the moss on the roof was taken care of, they would have to cancel their insurance. That’s not the first time we’ve heard that story!



Wooded Lots with Shade Give the Environment for Roof Moss Growth

Upon arriving at their cottage in Cedar Mountain, we observed a very wooded lot, which in large part is the culprit for moss and black mold growth. Roof shingles need plenty of “breathing room” to function properly. The pine trees around the house had blanketed the roof, making a perfect “soil” for fungus growth.

First Steps in Roof Moss Removal

Our first step is to blow off the roof and gutters of any leaves, needles or limbs. This enabled us to use our soft wash spray system to apply the exact mixture of cleaning solution directly to the shingles. The activation process is immediate, and results are seen within minutes. Upon completion, all black mold was gone as well as the moss growth. We were satisfied that we could not only provide the services but help the homeowner save thousands of dollars literally by not having to replace the roof.

Roof Moss Prevention

A shady climate and too many trees around the roof line can prevent the needed sun to lessen moss growth. We recommend limbing up trees or having an arborist coming in to access how the trees can be trimmed precisely to give more sunlight to the roof area. Moss can grow a few inches thick and mimic a sponge by soaking and storing rainwater. When moss is growing between the spaces of shingles where the spores collect, roof moss can become thick and break through the roof sheathing and cause mold growth and decay. More significant problems ensue when the structural framing integrity is compromised by decay.

Keeping an eye on your roof and exterior structure can keep your home warranties in place and prevent long-term repairs. We take care of roof moss removal on asphalt shingles, metal, slate and cedar shake shingles as well as clean log homes. Give us a call today to set up your free estimate and consultation. You’ll save money in the long run and not have to worry about leaks in the roof later!