Whether you are wanting to add great curb appeal or getting your home ready to sell, the best way to grab the buyer’s attention is

clean roof singles-ProClean-Hendersonville-Asheville

Get your roof cleaned before you list it! The appearance makes a difference!

to have a clean home appearance from the curbside. Roof cleaning services utilized right before putting your home on the market can help seal the deal.

Take this customer for example. This was a customer in Brevard who called us late in the fall of 2017 for roof cleaning services. This was their summer home and they wanted to put it on the market to sell. Getting their roof cleaning done professionally and quickly was their number one goal.  ProClean to the rescue!

When we arrived, there were black mold stains, on the north side and north-west facing side of the house. The attached garage needed roof cleaning too. Because of our cleaning solution and the low-pressure application we were able to clean the black mold off the roof and remove the mold immediately. Upon applying the cleaning solution, the black mold was gone after 20-30 minutes of application with no residual left.


Roof Cleaning Services Without Damage to your Roof

In order not to walk on or damage the shingles of this roof, we use ladders. We use ladders to get to the roof height and then use our low-pressure system (much like a garden hose) and spray the solution on the roof without stepping foot on it, if possible. If the roof is too large, we will make every effort to walk around as little as possible.

The roof cleaning solution is a combination of water and a detergent surfactant that in turn helps it stick to the shingles. The cleaning solution for the mold is sodium hypochlorite, a disinfectant. We have been using this for a number of years with great success. We give a two-year guarantee that the roof will stay clean. Typically, it will last 5-7 years. The variable there depends on rain, trees that hangover or too much shade on the roof that can perpetuate mold growth.

Not to worry about your foundation plantings! The foundation plants are watered down before and after to prevent any destruction of plants from the chemicals. We also make every effort to position our ladders to avoid destroying the plant material in place.


Roof Cleaning Services Help Sell This Home

Needless to say, after the work was completed, this homeowner was very completely satisfied. They were able to put their house on the market very quickly and in turn, it sold shortly afterward.

If you are in need of roof cleaning services and want to get it done pronto, give us a call. We’ll be out to give you a free estimate and get the job done right.