Are you looking to make some renovations to your home space? We can help with several handyman services. Many people have found that since working out of your home is an everyday occurrence these days, why not renovate your space to be more workable and enjoyable! 

Update your Surfaces

Changing and updating surfaces can give your home a new look and make it more practical in so many ways. Take, for instance, flooring. Changing out has-been and worn carpeting to the latest laminate flooring styles will give you an updated look and durability. Pergo laminate flooring, as shown here, can take a lot of impacts and resists stains and water spots. Laminate has improved over the years and has become a popular option for flooring in renovations to your home space. 

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This customer had a townhouse and wanted to update before moving in quickly. We had a week’s window to get the existing flooring up (which included both carpet and tile) and get the new surface down and the walls painted. We removed the carpet, pad, tack strip, and entryway ceramic tile down to the cement slab. We then prepped for the Pergo laminate flooring by putting down the plastic vapor barrier since it’s concrete at ground level. This particular product was a click-n-lay, so we left space around the edges for expansion and contraction. To finish, we put shoe molding down and painted the whole area. 

This whole job covered about 550 square feet and took about two days to do from demo to finish! So, don’t delay? Our services are popular, so if you have a handyman service job or a renovation or remodel you’d like to get done, call for a consultation today to get started. 

When you contact ProClean Roof Cleaning, you can be assured knowing that we can also install your brand-new floors promptly, professionally, and in a way that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Add your to-do list to ours and have the job done before the holidays! Contact us today for a consultation at 828.243.2841.