Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding–What to Consider

Most people don’t think twice about getting a pressure washer out and cleaning their driveway, walkways or the porch. But with this comes some drawbacks. Some surfaces need extra care, and high-pressure isn’t always the best way to handle every surface. We have done our research and have discovered that all surfaces don’t have the same reaction to pressure. 

Keeping your exterior home well-maintained should be a high priority as much as the interior. It’s the first impression people have when driving into your driveway. Also, a well-maintained and clean exterior can guard against mold, mildew, and algae that can have harmful effects on the surfaces and create leaking on your roof. It also can deteriorate your surfaces so beware. 

We apply pressure washing with the correct training and know-how. We know the right equipment and proper chemicals that will get the job done. 

Damaged Surfaces on Vinyl Siding

High-pressure washing can damage vinyl siding. We see many places that have damaged surfaces because of poor pressure application. Pressure washing is a compressed water flow through a hose tip. This action generates a potent burst of water that scrubs away any dirt, mold, mildew, or algae particles. Soft surfaces can be damaged by high-pressure cleaning. While vinyl siding is a hard surface, the sheen application on the siding is not able to withstand the high pressure. If high pressure is applied, the sheen on the vinyl can strip off, and a dull surface is exposed. It’s like knocking the paint off parts of a wood surface. You cannot reapply the matte or gloss surface after it’s been knocked off. 

vinyl siding damaged with strong pressure
The streaks here on the vinyl siding are from too high of pressure applied to the siding. This leaves irreversible dull marks.

What We Do Differently

When ProClean Roof Cleaning experts arrive at your home or business, we can access your cleaning issues with the best solution for your building. To properly clean your home or business, we always take the least invasive measures with no damage to the exterior finishes while using a safe and efficient cleaning method.

If you aren’t satisfied, we won’t rest until your home or office sparkles. Check out our references and see our portfolio for details on all the surfaces we clean. For a free estimate, contact us online, or call us today.