At ProClean Roof Cleaning, we have expanded our services into handyman and remodeling services. When it’s too cold to wash roofs and exterior surfaces, we offer remodeling services. We are licensed and insured and work with subcontractors that have the same credentials.

Collect Pictures & Samples

There are some things to do ahead of time to save yourself time and money on delays. First, have in mind what you want. Collect pictures and samples of the materials you’d like to use. Color swatches or a Pinterest or Houzz board is good digital storage that makes it easily accessible and gives you lots of choices and designs to visualize your space better.

If you’re unsure about your desires and how to put them together, we can recommend a designer who can help collect your ideas and inspire you with a collection that will work cohesively with the rest of your home.

Figure Out Your Budget

When you meet with us for a consultation, be ready to discuss the range of budget you hope to stay within. That way, our consultant can tell you what we can accomplish in that price range and what kind of materials budget to maintain in conjunction with labor costs. As we explain to our clients, there is always the unforeseen in each job. Be aware of this going into any new remodel and realize plans sometimes have to be adjusted. (i.e., rotting wood or leaks)

Make Decisions Now

If your home remodel involves purchases like appliances or fixtures, we can recommend vendors in the area we work with to achieve the result. Having those same pictures ready for these vendors will help them find the exact matchup faster. Make appointments with vendors and decide on these items as soon as possible to give lead time in purchase and delivery. With slower delivery times currently, it helps to be prepared far in advance.

Doing the leg work ahead of time instead of amid a teardown will make things go faster and so much more smoothly, letting you get back to enjoying your home!

If you’re ready to update your kitchen, bathroom, or another room, please give us a call today.