You’re looking at your dirty concrete driveway since you’ve been in quarantine and noticed that the delivery guy’s truck had an oil leak and left it on your driveway. And oh, what about the stubborn brown stains that the fall leaves left behind. 

No worries! We’ve got the best driveway cleaning methods to resolve it.

Concrete driveways have a somewhat porous surface that allows stains to seep into its small crevasses. With a unique formula, we soak the stain with a specialized industrial strength degreaser. It is strong enough to eradicate oil stains around gas stations where there is a lot of vehicular traffic. 

Stains from organic debris that decompose and leave the tannins, a byproduct of the decaying process, can darken your concrete driveway surface. Rust stains can also be a problem on a concrete driveway and blemish it. All of these stains depreciate the looks of your driveway and curb appeal of your home. Our method to clean cement driveways is proven and safe. If you’re tired of looking at the dirty, messy stains, give us a call. We will provide you with a free estimate and help bring your driveway back to its original luster. 

driveway with mildew and mold    driveway clean by ProClean Roof Cleaning

Removing Moss from Cedar Shake Roofing

Moss needs moist shade and a humid environment to grow. Around Western North Carolina, the conditions have been perfect for moss growing on roofs! Even cedar shake shingles may eventually get this type of growth. We see it more on the north side of homes as well as shady sides due to the lack of direct sun hitting the roof surface. 

moss on cedar shake shingles before roof cleaning  moss on roof before ProClean Roof Cleaning

Effects of Moss on Cedar Roofing

Moss may grow on the forest floor, but it can prove extremely damaging to your roof’s structural integrity and protection. Moss will hold moisture and damage the integrity of the roof. Excessive wet roofs can ultimately begin issues like rot, mold, and mildew. These environments lead to moss growing as well. First things first, remove the moss on your cedar shake shingles to prevent a breach in the surface. Calling a professional to come in to know how to proceed with safety and the right solutions and tools is advantageous to DIYers in your home asset. 

Many home inspectors are taking notice of the roof’s integrity and noting in their reports. If you’re in the market to sell eventually, take notice of this particular home we cleaned. The house is in Cashiers, and moss was growing on the north side of the home. We use the same process for cedar shake shingles or asphalt shingles in the cleaning process. Low pressure and chemicals are applied. This application breaks down the mold, mildew, and moss. Rain will eventually wash it off after our initial treatment. 

If you’ve been home too long and you’re noticing more around your house that needs attention, call us today for a free estimate. See the difference a day can make here and follow us on Facebook