Frequently Asked Questions

About Roof Cleaning

How much does a roof cleaning cost?

Each job is individually priced based on roof size, composition, pitch, the extent of stains/moss/lichen growth and terrain. Because of those variables, it is hard to give an exact price over the phone. However, we offer FREE ROOF CLEANING ESTIMATES. Please call today for an appointment and see the difference a clean roof will make to the appearance of your home or business.

How long will it take to clean my roof?

A typical cleaning takes two to six hours depending on the complexity of the roof, the extent of stains/moss/lichen growth, roof size, pitch and ease of mobility around the foundation.

How should I prepare prior to having a roof cleaning?

  1. Close all windows and doors to your home or business.
  2. Leave the rest to us…even the plants.

What is the warranty for my roof cleaning?

We give a two-year guarantee that the roof will stay clean. The variable there depends on rain, trees that hangover or too much shade on the roof that can perpetuate mold growth.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are insured. There are no licenses that are needed or required to provide our services.

What is the solution you use and will it harm my plants or pets?

The roof cleaning solution is a combination of water and a detergent surfactant that in turn helps it stick to the shingles. The cleaning solution to treat the mold is sodium hypochlorite, a disinfectant. We have been using this for a number of years with great success.

Keep your pets inside while we are spraying. Not to worry about your foundation plantings! The foundation plants are watered down before and after to prevent any harm from the chemicals. There are no residual effects that will be harmful to plants or pets. We also make every effort to position our ladders to avoid destroying the plants in place.

Will this roof cleaning void the warranty on my roof?

No, this roof cleaning will not void the warranty on your roof. In fact, it will keep your warranty active since it preserves the integrity of the roof by eliminating the microorganisms that can destroy it prematurely.

Will this roof cleaning help retain my homeowner's policy?

Yes, this cleaning will help retain your homeowner’s policy. We have had many homeowners and business owners contact us for necessary work due to a threat of being canceled over algae, mold, mildew or lichen growth on their roofs. We can help save you from being canceled. Read about such an incident here.

**Note: We adhere to the removal techniques of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.

What time of year is best for cleaning my roof?

Roofs can be cleaned in the spring, summer, and fall. There are no advantages of cleaning in one season over another. Freezing temperatures make it prohibitive to cleaning during the winter months in the mountain/upstate areas.

Will you be walking on my roof?

Some roof configurations are too large to be able to adequately treat all roof surfaces from a ladder, therefore, we have to be able to walk on the roof. Doing so does not damage the integrity of the shingles.

If you see loose shingles or broken tiles, do you replace them?

We always make the homeowner aware of any issues regarding the integrity of the shingles, roof flashing, vent boots. We also alert the homeowner if the shingles are too old to spend the money on cleaning and at that point would recommend a new roof. If there are minor roof repairs we can accommodate them easily.

How can I prevent mold, mildew, algae, and lichen from growing on my roof in the future?

We recommend:

  1. Trimming back tree branches that cast shade over your roof to allow enough sunlight to deter mold, mildew, algae and lichen growth
  2. Clear debris off the roof with a leaf blower or broom on a regular basis so mildew and other microorganisms don’t begin growing under the debris
  3. Keep gutters clean and free of buildup

How often should I expect to schedule a roof cleaning?

It depends on the factors described above in the last question. If you are maintaining the roof (blowing it off and cleaning gutters with no overhanging of tree limbs, then it should last approximately 5-7 years.

While you’re here, can you clean off my porches and walkways?

We provide cleaning for all exterior surfaces, which include: siding, windows, decks, walkways/driveways, and chimneys.


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