When you look up and see black streaks, mold, algae, you know its time for a roof cleaning. First, understand what your roof needs. Wind and animals carry moss and algae spores and can transfer from roof to roof. But while moss can severely shorten the life of your roof, algae not only affects the aesthetic appeal of the roof it creates the environment for moss to grow.

Because of your safety and weight issues on the roof, you do not want to damage the shingles or yourself further. So, before washing the roof yourself or selecting a professional, read these warnings on what not to do:

Don’t Climb on your Roof 

Aside from safety reasons, it would be best if you didn’t climb on your roof without anyone to spot you. The same rule holds for professionals. We use safety equipment such as harnesses and ladders, to protect ourselves from accidents.

Simultaneously, knowing how to climb on a roof with damaged shingles will prevent further damage. Sometimes, it’s not even the algae and the moss that threaten your roof shingles’ health. It is your weight. Be careful with the shingles when climbing up and down the roof. In the heat of summer, we work very carefully and know where to step to avoid damaging your roof. 

Don’t Disregard Your Surroundings

We are aware of all your vegetation around your property. Because we water all plants down before, during, and after a roof cleaning our solution will not damage foliage. If you are a DIY’er, you will need to be aware of their potential harm to foliage.

Don’t Be Impatient

Do not use a high-pressure sprayer to apply the water and chemicals to your roof. This kind of pressure can knock the asphalt granules off the shingles and damage the integrity and warranty of your roof. A low-pressure wash is used by ProClean Roof Cleaning to apply the solution and rinse carefully. Timing and know-how are a must using this product with plenty of experience. 

If we talked you out of doing it yourself, you could always call us to the rescue. We can also clean gutters, driveways, siding, walkways, and decks. We will provide you with a free quote and get started as soon as you’re ready! Keeping your home clean will prevent unwanted repair costs later. Click here to see our gallery and enjoy the difference.