Roof Cleaning Solution Application

If you don’t have adequate equipment to apply the roof cleaning solution, it is not going to go on evenly or consistently to cover the entire surface of the roof. Plus, why risk an accidental fall that will end you up in the ER?

Many people want their homes looking nice and clean for the holidays when guests are arriving. If you’re going to clean up the house and roof before the holidays, don’t make the mistake this homeowner did. You can get off-the-shelf roof cleaning solutions with directions, but the problem is you undoubtedly will make it look worse. One such DIYer got a roof cleaning solution at his local big box store. As you can tell by the picture, he/she got on a ladder and only sprayed from the ladder and didn’t get on the roof. We understand why. Roofs can be quite steep and treacherous.

roof cleaning solutions gone bad
This roof was cleaned by a DIYer with Wet and Forget.

We can help you with that holiday look you’re striving for minus the incomplete application. For a lot of these roof cleaning solutions, you spray and wait until the rain hits it and cleans it off. Most people don’t have the training and balance to get up on tall ladders and the equipment to adequately apply the solution to the roof’s surface. We evenly apply it and then use a low pressure to clean it off for immediate results — no waiting days for the rain to wash it off.

Roof Cleaning Services Near Me

With off-the-counter roof cleaning solutions, there is no guarantee on how long the application will last. With ProClean Roof Cleaning services in Hendersonville, Flat Rock and serving all of Henderson County, we guarantee the life of the application to be approximately two years. With this application, you will see the immediate results with no streaks or untouched spots.

Leave it to the roof cleaning specialists near you to get the job done. Get your home ready and cleaned up for the holidays. Contact us today for a free consultation.