Have you had to fire a contractor and start over because they didn’t show up or messed up the job, and it cost you more money? You never want to find yourself in that position again. Hindsight is 20-20 but let’s reevaluate the scenario. Where did you go wrong, and how will you avoid this in the future?

Hire a Reputable Handyman Service

Read reviews and ratings from customers on Google and other professional resources that have reputable ways to solicit reviews. Reviews from others will give you a good indication if the company is of good reputation and follows through on their jobs.

Insurance Coverage

Before hiring a contractor:

  1. Ask about their liability insurance.
  2. Request a certificate of insurance before hiring them or their subs.
  3. Check to make sure they are bonded and insured and carry workers’ compensation.
  4. Discuss with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see what is advisable when you are doing a remodel. They can give you advice to ensure you are protected from unwanted claims.

Terms and Conditions

Before signing on the dotted line, find out the step by step process, and when each part of the project will be complete. Have this information clearly described in your agreement. Include a description of the work’s scope to be done with a completion date. Include payment dates and how they coincide with project milestones. Do not pay for the entire project upfront but at appointed times as the job progresses. Hold out the last payment until all the work is completed, including the final punch list.

This unfortunate scenario happened to a previous customer. They started the job, and it was supposed to be a turnkey operation. Instead, the job was left unfinished. The shower and floor tiles were installed, but the contractor did not finish the electrical wiring or installing the amenities. The sink cabinet had not been put into place or hooked up with plumbing. The toilet was not usable. A job that should have taken three weeks ended up taking three months and still not finished. We completed the job within three days.

double sink

new shower

Case in point. Research ahead of time and be prepared, so you don’t have to spend more money and time later on the same job.

If you’re looking for a handyman service to complete your remodeling job with a good reputation, give us a call. We won’t leave you hanging and will do everything possible to complete the job and do it right! Contact us today for an appointment.