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Norm discovered a black stain on his roof and went about finding a solution to his problem and ended up starting his own roof cleaning company! So he understands your concern and wants to help from his personal experience and research. His constant drive to find a better solution and technique has benefitted himself as well as 100’s of other homeowners in Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties since starting his business, ProClean Roof Cleaning in 2010.

Norm’s background started with owning a successful, local residential painting company for many years in Henderson County. After selling his business, his entrepreneurial instincts didn’t get buried. He took his experience in painting and pressure washing before this and formulated a technique and method that works seamlessly to offer homeowner’s roof and surface cleaning through his roof cleaning company.

To eradicate his roof stains, Norm began studying what it is, and how he could safely eliminate the black stains. Norm researched whether the mold, mildew, algae, and lichen were problematic for the integrity and performance of the shingles. With research and trying different methods and formulas, he came up with a technique that works well. After tweaking several different times, adding different chemicals, he has come up with the best suitable formula that gives the optimum results possible. His goal is to provide as much longevity as possible with a warranty for roof cleaning services. He has cleaned 100’s of roofs in Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties that still look good after 5-6 years. (Variability will be due to weather and trees over the roof.)

After perfecting the formula, he realized that pressure washing a roof could damage it. Upon observing gutters, you will find the granules and aggregate wash off from normal rains. Moreover, rainfall isn’t the equivalent to a high-pressure wash. Consequently, Norm and his son have come up with an application of low-pressure cleaning to preserve the integrity of the shingle. They use a diaphragm pump that emits at 60 lbs. of pressure which is approximately the same amount of pressure coming into your home. The nozzles have various shapes and sizes that allow them to have a gentle fan spray to decrease the pressure even more. A low-pressure washer is used to rinse the surfaces as not to damage the roof or siding.

  • discolored roof-mildew on roof-Henderson-Buncombe
  • discolored roof-mildew on roof-Henderson-Buncombe

Experience & Research Pays Off for Local Roof Cleaning Company

Norm also has done roof repairs, siding repairs, and remodeling. So ProClean Roof Cleaning is familiar with how a house is constructed and what each component is supposed to do as far as performance and function. This knowledge has aided him and his son in their approach within their roof cleaning company.

Norm warns, “It is important to note that it is the chemicals that clean the roof and siding, not the pressure applied. We have been in situations where we have come in behind another contractor who has used strictly pressure washing to try and clean siding and has damaged the siding by using too much pressure.”


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