Whether Grandma is coming to town or you’re having your in-laws over for dinner, you want to make a good impression. Take a walk outside and start at the mailbox. Look at your property like you were driving up for the first time. Take off your rose-colored glasses and look at it objectively like a drill sergeant. I know, I know, you’ve heard the critic before but seriously. Work with me. Here are a few things to consider to keep your house looking clean and preserving the integrity of the materials used.

#1 Pressure Washing in Hendersonville, NC

If you have a concrete driveway, is it showing signs of mold and mildew? That’s easy to remove with the right ingredients and machinery. Fill in cracks that may be forming so the foundation doesn’t undermine and real problems occur in the future. Buttoning up the holes will help stabilize and keep erosion from happening.

#2 Roof Cleaning and Roof Mold

Next, take some binoculars and look at your roof. Are there any shingles missing in these last few windy storms? Do the leaves, limbs, and debris need blowing off your roof? Are there visible roof mold and mildew streaks forming and causing ugly streaking? Don’t put off repairs or removing debris that can cause clogging in your gutters. Mildew and stains can overtime penetrate the roofing materials and cause your roof to not protect against leakage. We recommend roof cleaning and roof mold removal.

#3 Overhead Culprits

Are there overhead limbs hovering over the house that may be dead, damaged or diseased that need removed or limbed up? Limbing a tree can give more light to the roof and help resolve any mold or mildew issues you may be seeing. Call an arborist to assess the situation, so you’re not repairing roof leaks later.

#4 Low-Pressure Cleaning on Hardscapes

Walkways and porches may need some extra attention if they’re facing the north side of the house where green algae tend to accumulate. Remove any mold or mildew that could also cause a falling hazard. Besides, what would the in-laws say with all that ugly black mold greeting them down the sidewalk? A good cleaning with our formulated products won’t hurt the surrounding soil and plant material. Low-pressure washing is the best way to clean these surfaces, so concrete and paint don’t chip off in the process of cleaning.

#5 Ceilings Get Clean

Look up. Is the ceiling of your porch or entryway growing black spots? Giving the excuse that they’re spiders won’t cut it. Clean it! But that’s where we come in. You won’t have to hurt your neck or overextend your honey-do list by calling us to the rescue. We’ll look under every cranny and on every porch post to make sure Granny doesn’t see a spot!

#6 Mold on Decks

Is the wood railing looking green or black and it’s supposed to be white? Pollen, mold, and grunge makes spring an eyesore but do not despair. We take care of wood porches, decks, and railings with our low-pressure washing and best-formulated cleaning solutions to give it a fresh new look!

#7 House Pressure Cleaning in Hendersonville, NC

The house siding may need a little attention too? Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps the removal of house mold, mildew will do the trick. We can access whether you will need to paint after we clean the surfaces. If you are planning on painting, your painter will need the surfaces clean for a fresh coat of paint. Never cover up mold, dirt, and mildew with paint. It will come back to haunt you.

These seven inspections around your property will help clean, update and rejuvenate your property and certainly keep you in good graces with the neighbors! And bonus, Granny and the In-laws too! Call us today to get started on the chore list so you can go fishing or gardening. Either way, when you get home, you’re going to drive by thinking it’s someone else’s new home! ProClean Roof Cleaning does all your outdoor cleaning around the house. Contact us here.